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Leadership and Type
Leadership and Type

CAPT handout that summarizes the characteristic leadership styles and blind spots of each of the 16 MBTI personality types, taken from research surveys collected by CAPT.

Looking at Type® in the Workplace
Looking at Type® in the Workplace

A fundamental introduction to how an individual's psychological type affects daily interactions at work and can influence everyday workplace activities such as responding to conflict, work style, being part of a team, making decisions, dealing with change, and communication.

Out of Time
Out of Time

Understanding time management in relationship to psychological type is an invaluable tool for everyone from high-school students to CEOs. This booklet provides detailed explorations of each type's approach to time management and work style. Contains comments from workshop participants, who offer personal observations about their own use of time management tools, solutions for overcoming time traps, what leads to procrastination, and how individual types are motivated.