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The Developing Child

Using Jungian Type to Understand Children
 Elizabeth Murphy
The Developing Child
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In this pioneering work, Elizabeth Murphy uses personality type as theorized by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to facilitate our understanding of naturally occurring differences in children. This book provides adults with the opportunity to examine well-tested paths for developing positive relationships with the children in their lives. Examples are used to show how psychological type theory applies to daily life.

Learning a child’s preferences sensitizes adults and improves relationships. Learning about the characteristics of the different psychological types will help adults working with children to make use of these differences, and to better understand if the child is using a natural strength or is outside his or her natural comfort zone.

The more children and adults understand one another, the better their chances are of building strong relationships. Each generation passes its knowledge on to another. This generation of adults can be the initial thread in the cloth that is woven to create profound relationships with young people, and The Developing Child reveals practical strategies for nurturing the bonds that exist between adults and young people.

"The Developing Child is a timely, information filled resource that will help those interested in understanding child development from a strengths-based perspective. The book takes the reader through a thorough yet understandable description of personality type characteristics and invites the reader to explore the impact of type on home and school applications. A must read for teachers, counselors, therapists and parents alike!"

Fay Roseman, Ph.D., MSW, Assistant Professor of Counseling, Director of Continuing Education, Barry University
Second edition.

122 pages Paperback
2013 CAPT
ISBN 13 978-0935652956