Helping families make the most of personality differences.
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About People Stripes®

It takes all stripes...

The People Stripes® experience is designed to help explain why people so often see, understand, and act quite differently from one another. You have your "stripes," your spouse or significant other has theirs, and the kids each have their own.

It's no wonder we sometimes have difficulty relating to or "getting" one another!

What you and your family will learn through the People Stripes® website relates to naturally occurring and healthy mental habits that differ between people of all ages, and all cultures. You'll find articles that illustrate these healthy differences between parents, children, and teachers, and you'll have an opportunity to discover the personality types of all the members of your family.

We humans have probably been interested in patterns of individual personality since we began to band together to live communally. Think about it... accomplishing a mutual goal is so much easier when all involved work together. When every person brings their individual skills and abilities to a team effort, the final result is often better than if only one person was trying to accomplish the task on their own.

There is historical evidence that ideas related to individual personality differences - "types" - traveled over time and distance from Mesopotamia to Egypt to the Greeks. The famous Greek physician Hippocrates - born in 460 B.C. - described four personalities he incorporated into the medical practice of his time. In other words, human beings have observed how we are innately different from one for a very, very long time.

Fast forward to more modern times when the famous 20th century Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung had his book Psychological Types published. Here he presented a theory proposing that every person is born with certain mental patterns that influence how they interact with their environment, absorb new information, and make decisions.

The People Stripes® work is backed by the research departments of Myers & Briggs Foundation. Our mission here is to provide parents, educators, counselors, and young people with a set of resources to help learn about their personality type preferences and understand the normal ways people process information, make decisions, and form relationships. Young people can then use those insights to accept and embrace differences in others, especially with their family, their teachers, and their peers.