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Wired for Conflict

The Role of Personality Type in Resolving Differences
 Sondra VanSant
Wired for Conflict
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Product: 60191


Does it seem as if there is always conflict in your work life, your home life, and your relationships? That's normal—even unavoidable—according to conflict resolution expert Sondra VanSant, who reveals the inborn roots of conflict. Fortunately, says VanSant, the wiring in our brains that creates conflict also holds the key to resolving it. As practical as it is profound, Wired for Conflict is an indispensable guide for negotiating everyday life.

What some of the reviewers said...

"Wired for Conflict provides practical tips on handling conflict—what to listen for, what to say, how to say it, and why. Following its advice should turn daily disputes into robust opportunities for appreciating and gaining from our diversity at home and at work."

—Terry Barnett, President, Conflict Management Washington/Carolina

"Wired for Conflict provides a straight forward, yet comprehensive model for understanding the sources of most conflicts, and offers lots of practical advice about how to resolve them."

—Paul Tieger, author of Just Your Type and Do What You Are

"Individual success in business is often influenced by one's ability to manage conflict in the work environment. Wired for Conflict guides readers to a better understanding of how to apply knowledge of psychological type to more successfully navigate the occassional "rough seas" of workplace conflict."

—David Williams, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, PPD


105 pages Paperback
2003 CAPT
ISBN 093565268-x
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-68-0