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People Types & Tiger Stripes

Using Psychological Type to Help Students Discover Their Unique Potential
 Gordon D. Lawrence
Great Minds Don't Think Alike!
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People’s behavior often seems randomly varied—but according to Carl G. Jung, behavior actually follows patterns. Jung called these patterns "psychological types," and he wrote extensively about these types. Isabel Briggs Myers brought Jung’s concepts into the mainstream through development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument which helps a person figure out his or her psychological type.

People Types & Tiger Stripes has rightfully earned its best-selling status as being an outstanding book about type and how it works in everyday life, especially in the world of teaching. The newly released and redesigned fourth edition marks the 30th anniversary of this pioneering work.

This book includes two essays by Isabel Myers and provides a detailed explanation of the theory and practice of using type in the education process. Filled with understandable charts, practical exercises, and helpful explanations, People Types & Tiger Stripes is a wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in the learning process and designing curricula that capitalizes on knowledge of type preferences, for both students and teachers.

"This 30th anniversary edition of People Types celebrates not only its remarkable longevity but also its fresh relevance for using type in an educational setting. It continues to be the best source of foundational knowledge in this increasingly critical area of type application."

—Naomi Quenk, author of Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, and co-author of MBTI® Manual

"People Types & Tiger Stripes is the gold standard of books about psychological type. It should be required reading for anyone serious about applying type concepts. Gordon Lawrence is that rare combination of bona fide thought leader in the field psychological type and an accomplished communicator. He explains clearly, provides plenty of real life examples and applications, and inspires readers."

—Paul D. Tieger, author of Do What You Are and Nurture by Nature

"These pages will help you gain insights into the biases in our educational system that put many students at risk. Through clear explanations, relevant stories and practical tools, this book will help you understand how to motivate yourself, your colleagues, and your students – and how to reach every child."

—Jane A. G. Kise, author of Differentiated School Leadership

"As a classroom teacher, supervisor, college instructor, and school board president, I have found People Types & Tiger Stripes invaluable as a compass for accommodating learning style differences and maximizing learning. It offers a language that allows all stakeholders in the education community an opportunity to work together to foster a genuine love of learning. And it provides direction for unlocking the skills our 21st century students need: collaboration, problem solving, decision making, and effective communication."

—Len Tallevi, Scarsdale Public Schools, NY

"This edition of People Types & Tiger Stripes is a must for educators, trainers, and MBTI practitioners who engage people using the MBTI assessment."

—Judy Principe, Senior OD Analyst for AAA Mid-Atlantic
Fourth edition.

260 pages Paperback
2009 CAPT
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-87-1