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Great Minds Don't Think Alike!

Success for Students through the Application of Psychological Type in Schools
 Sondra VanSantDiane Payne
People Types & Tiger Stripes
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Product: 60062


Every day teachers are faced with a sea of expectant faces—each with a different way of seeing and learning. How can we motivate and empower every one of these young people to reach their highest potential?

In Great Minds Don’t Think Alike! education experts Diane Payne and Sondra VanSant provide the ultimate lesson plan for transforming classrooms into places where every child becomes engaged in the learning process.

Some of our greatest thinkers make illustrative appearances inside, including Einstein, Aristotle, Earhart and Caldecott, demonstrating and reinforcing the value of diversity in the highest standards of thought and action. Presenting a variety of paths to success allows students to take responsibility for their choices, and yields a love of learning that will stay with them for life.

The authors’ practical insights into psychological type and distinct learning styles are accompanied by a comprehensive library of reproducible handouts, exercises, and support materials on the included Resource CD-ROM.

Teachers, principals, administrators, and parents will appreciate this book as a lens that reveals the power of diversity in learning styles and relationships, inspiring everyone to help each of those faces to do their best!

"An outstanding resource for teachers, principals and all those who have children in their care and who value the quality of their leaning. Understanding, acceptance, and practice of the key strategies are explained so clearly and will empower teachers to motivate children to love learning and provides the insights needed to value each child’s unique qualities."

—Sue Blair, director, Personality Dynamics Ltd


"Great Minds provides educators with what they need to meet the needs of each child: tools for collaboration, insights into child development and learning styles, and easy-to-implement yet sophisticated ways to enrich curriculum and plan lessons that will engage learners. An essential tool for true differentiation."

—Jane Kise, author, Differentiated School Leadership


"Great Minds Don’t Think Alike! is like a holy grail for educators, providing enhanced teaching strategies that accommodate the strengths of the sixteen personality types identified in the work of Carl Jung and Isabel Myers. In this superbly researched and referenced compendium of artful approaches to differentiating instruction, veteran lead educators Diane Payne and Sondra VanSant provide a clear, rich manual that will enable teachers to identify and address the cognitive styles of their students. In addition, the book offers a wealth of lesson plans that illustrate how to differentiate instruction. This is a book to be read and referenced in the educator’s quest to teach the best of 21st century skills to modern learners."

—Sharon Winzeler, Co-chairperson, English Department, Broughton High School, Raleigh, NC


"Anyone who is serious about weaving the wisdom of psychological type into the fabric of a school will find Payne and VanSant's book a highly practical and rewarding resource. They know their stuff about using type to personalize learning and promote collaboration. And they share their knowledge in very useful ways; the book includes a CD-ROM of reproducible resources. A truly valuable guide for trainers, teachers and administrators."

—Gordon Lawrence, author, People Types and Tiger Stripes


"Enhanced with extensive appendices, a list of resources, an accompanying CD of resources, and thoroughly 'user friendly' in its approach, Great Minds Don't Think Alike! is to be very highly recommended for personal, professional, and academic library education instructional reference collections."

—The Education Shelf, Midwest Book Reviews


Resources CD-ROM included
196 pages Paperback
2009 CAPT
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-88-8