- Helping families make the most of personality differences.

Helping families make the most of personality differences.

Mollie Allen, MEd

MOLLIE ALLEN, MEd, is a certified coach, teacher and consultant working with groups and individuals. With undergraduate degrees in Child Development and Special Education and a M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision, she worked in schools and in private practice with students of all ages and levels for 25 years. As a life coach, Mollie combines her professional interests of learning and human development with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment in her work with parents, adults in transition, students and adults selecting a college or career and those wanting coaching in organization or study skills. She has experience helping clients with ADD and ADHD. As a consultant, she introduces type theory and the MBTI assessment in a variety of settings. Her workshops address topics such as teaching, communication, management and family life.

Mollie is an MBTI® Master Practitioner and a certified MBTI® Step III practitioner. She is an author and presenter for the Association for Psychological Type International. Much of the material in her book, Discovering Type with Teens, is based on her field work with hundreds of students. She is the mother of four adult children, all who have working cars, get along well, and who are glad she knows about personality differences.

Articles By Mollie Allen, MEd

The Z Problem Solving Model
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Family Holidays in the Time of COVID: Will We Celebrate Together?

The holidays bring a big challenge to families who want to be together, especially in a pandemic. Fortunately we have a proven model for decision-making. The Zig Zag method walks us through Sending, Intuition, Thinking, and Feeling and helps us arrive at a decision that honors the facts and the people.

What's next after high school?
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Personality Type and What’s Next After High School?

It’s that time of year, and in spite of the pandemic, planning for next year is under way. After sitting with counselors, mentors, and parents, exploring all sorts of colleges, universities, gap-year options or entering the military service, some high school seniors are beginning to make decisions. article
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Calling All Members to a Family Meeting!

Time for a big family decision? When there are many things to discuss, many people will be involved, everyone will have to adjust, and the resolution won't happen overnight. Everyone needs to be heard, so a family meeting is the way to go.

College Search Adventure
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The College Search Adventure

Picking a college to attend is one of the biggest steps into the journey of adulthood. So many external forces are in play - it can be difficult to the student to focus on their own development and how that impacts the college decision. This People Stripes article offers a useful perspective on this adventure.

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Two Worlds: Extraversion and Introversion

Taking time to reflect before making a decision is a good skill to have. Depending on their preferences, kids may either be good at it or may not recognize the importance of that inner conversation. This People Stripes article examines the manifestations of our inward and outward energies. article
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What’s Your POS (Parent Operating System)? And Where Does it Come From?

A major challenge for some parents is learning how to support your children without forgetting about yourself. I developed habits and policies – my Parent Operating System – through experience and reflection. A foundational piece came after one “my project is due tomorrow” event.