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Great Minds Don't Think Alike!
Great Minds Don't Think Alike!

Every day teachers are faced with a sea of expectant faces—each with a different way of seeing and learning. How can we motivate and empower every one of these young people to reach their highest potential? In Great Minds Don’t Think Alike! education experts Diane Payne and Sondra VanSant provide the ultimate lesson plan for transforming classrooms into places where every child becomes engaged in the learning process.

Resolving Conflict
Resolving Conflict

Living and working together can be a challenge. Managing and resolving conflict through mutual understanding becomes easier once you know about your personality type. The Resolving Conflict guide will help you identify your natural inclinations and skills when a conflict occurs and explore how to build on those strengths to negotiate a resolution more effectively, especially with people who grasp information and make decisions differently from you.

Wired for Conflict
Wired for Conflict

Does it seem as if there is always conflict in your work life, your home life, and your relationships? That's normal—even unavoidable—according to conflict resolution expert Sondra VanSant, who reveals the inborn roots of conflict. Fortunately, says VanSant, the wiring in our brains that creates conflict also holds the key to resolving it.